Sunday, April 02, 2006 - Web-based Flowcharting/Diagraming Application

In their ever-continuing quest to release one Ajax application a week, the folks over at AjaxLaunch have posted their latest creation - AjaxSketch.

It’s an object-oriented drawing program suitable for creating flow charts, org charts, simple diagrams, maps, etc. ajaxSketch can open, edit and save files in SVG, an open standard graphic format, making it compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visio, Open Office Draw, Corel Draw, Inkscape, and many others, all of which support SVG. Additionally, there are growing archives of SVG documents with liberal-use licenses, such as ajaxSketch today doesn’t compare with the more mature drawing programs, but it does provide basic object design and text tools and serves as a quick way to examine and edit existing SVG documents.

In the same vein as their previous application, AjaxWrite, this one has a Microsoft-style interface around it, and seems to function well (baring any bandwidth issues that might come up later). Creating, dragging and dropping, and removing objects on the workspace flows smoothly, with just a touch of lag. Saving the results of your labor as an SVG is nice. It’s a portable format that, as they mention, is able to be imported by just about any other similar flowcharting application. Having the output in a vector graphic style is a very nice thing.

I can’t see AjaxSketch replacing any standard outlining/flowcharting desktop application, but it is nice if you need to work up something simple and only have an internet connection, not your tools around.