Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The new Yahoo! Home Page design(s)

Some folks are seeing a new page layout for the Yahoo! Home Page. It's being revealed, as best as I can tell, on a lottery basis and only to Internet Explorer users.

There have been those that want to revert back to the original Home Page design and see no option to do so. For them, there is a 'cure'. The indicator that a computer is to display the new design is placed in a Yahoo! cookie. By deleting this cookie (most folks will simply hit the "Delete Cookies" button which will delete all cookies) you will return to the original Home Page design... for now. It's likely that the page design will change for everyone and for good some time in the near future.

That, as Brinke asked in a prior post's comments, is why you will see the new design on one computer but not another even if the same user is logged into Yahoo! on both computers.

There are a few differences but as far as I can tell this is a purely cosmetic makeover. The new site is cleaner and groups key resources on the left - things like email, My Yahoo and other Yahoo services and content.

Comparison screen shots below:

New Yahoo:

Current Yahoo:

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