Tuesday, May 02, 2006

BlogBurst toLaunched

BlogBurst gives publishers access to the best of the blogosphere, and provides editorial management tools that help you filter and select content according to your needs.

BlogBurst's powerful Publisher Workbench helps you discover and source talented contributing bloggers and their posts. You can easily map selected content to specific areas of your site, complementing your in-house editorial content or creating entirely new sections for your readers.

Content from the BlogBurst network is easily integrated and customized for your site via simple JavaScript calls or robust SOAP or XML APIs. See how actual BlogBurst content appears on the Content Preview page.

The basics: BlogBurst is a service that takes pre-screened, categorized blog content and pushes it to mainstream publishers for a fee (charged on a CPM basis). To see an example, go to the Sf Chronicle Travel Section and look for the “Travel Blog Posts” area on the page. BlogBurst helps these mainstream publishers add more targeted content to their sites at a much lower cost than producing the content themselves. Bloggers benefit from extra exposure - each piece of content includes a prominent link back to the blogger’s original post, a linked icon/photo and a byline.

This is good progress for a service that is only two months old. If you are a blogger and would like have your content included, go to the main site to apply.

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid advisor to BlogBurst, and have done paid consulting work for Pluck in the past.