Thursday, May 18, 2006

GlobeBlogr Sneak Preview Demo – Beautiful Ajax Platform!

GlobeBlogr announced today on their Blog about a sneak peak of the new service .
I wrote about GlobeBlogr here and was waited impatiently to see GlobeBlogr in action.

GlobeBlogr is a Web 2.0 Ajax based traveling diary.
A place that you can share with all people in the globe your traveling memories.

From what I saw in the demo, I can say that the platform is designed extremely well and lots of little details was taking care of. That will make this application so easy and fun to use and I'm pretty sure that traveling and non traveling people, will find this in this one highly interesting and helpful service.

In the movie you can also see the first look of the Travelblog-Timeline which gives you an overview of a members travelblog.

GBlog - Flickr Screen Set - Sign Up

Take a look at the Flash Movie!