Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Streamload - 25GBs FREE storage!

Streamload is a web service that allows users to easily send, store, move, receive and access their digital files. (video, photos, music)

Wite Streamload you can:

  • Store files securely on the web
  • Access your files from any web browser
  • Share all your files quickly and easily, without file size restrictions
  • Host videos, audio, images and more on the web
  • Backup your files and data safely and reliably

You can upload one file or multi files all together. Moreover, you can create albums, share videos and photos, tag them and send to your friends by email.

Your FREE account will provide you 25 GBs of secure online storage space pulse you can download and share 500 MB/Monte and you can also sent files up to 50MB in size!

If it's not enough space for you to have, you can upgrade to PREMIUM (250 GBs) or ELITE (1000 GBs) accounts:

What I liked most about Streamload is that you can easily send files to your friends by email and choose to send as links instead of attachments or set expiration date for the links that you sending.

The layout shaped like an email so it's easy and fun to use. Actually it's like your own multimedia center.

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