Friday, June 09, 2006

Video sharing sites - Alexa rankings

Let's check the latest rankings:

Youtube:            23 1,544 1,594 2,171 2,245 4,433
vsocial: 6,718 6,934 7,400 8,645 8,939 14,176 38,571

I'd say the big news here is video sharing continues growing rapidly. YouTube has gone from 58 to 23 since last I checked. Holy crap! 25th on the global ranking. Bigger than AOL, craigslist, facebook and the nytimes.

Other than YT, seems the biggest mover is grouper, going from 17k to 4k. Nice work, I guess they're having success converting the desktop users to the web site. has moved up significantly as well.

And I'm pleased to see that gofish moved up from 12,222 to 8,645, passing revver in the process. Looks like the ad sharing over at revver is not really helping traffic.