Friday, June 16, 2006

What's new with Google Calendar

What's new with Google Calendar

Just launched!

Add your calendar to your Google Personalized Homepage
Now you can add a Google Calendar module to your Google Personlized Homepage so your calendar is always at your fingertips. This module lets you browse through your schedule and add new events, right from your Homepage. Learn more

Publish your calendar and share it with the world
Have a website or a blog where you'd like to show other people what's going on? Now you can place an interactive, graphical version of your calendar into any page that you manage. The Event Publisher Guide shows you how, plus other ways to add Google Calendar information to your sites.

What's been keeping us busy...

Ever since we launched Google Calendar, we've been listening to our users and working hard to make Google Calendar even better. Here are a few of the features we've added:

  • Access your calendar from your phone
    Now when you're on the go, you can access the events on your calendar (or even add new events) with your mobile phone. Learn more
  • View your calendar with Google Desktop
    The handy mini-calendar gadget for Google Desktop lets you view your agenda without even opening your browser. You can place the Google Calendar gadget right on your desktop or leave it docked in the Desktop Sidebar. Learn more
  • Support for Verizon
    Now you can get SMS notifications and send SMS calendar commands with your Verizon phone. Just go to the Notifications Settings page to select the kind of alerts you want and to verify your cell phone number. Learn more
  • Integration with Gmail for your domain
    Now Google Calendar works with Gmail for your domain, so every user at your domain can enjoy all the benefits of Google Calendar, including the useful integrations between Gmail and Google Calendar. Learn more
  • Simple event and calendar publishing
    We've made it easier for you to add Google Calendar event reminder buttons to your web pages, so you can help visitors to your site quickly add individual events or a whole series of events to their calendars. Learn more.
  • Google Calendar data API
    We launched the Google Calendar data API, which lets developers create services and applications that build on Google Calendar. This API lets your applications display and modify Google Calendar data. Learn more