Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meebome Launched.

Sandy posted today an article about the new launched product from Meebo on I consider this tool usefull for some webmasters, maybe for you to. Here is the article:

Since the launch of meebo, we’ve primarily focused on making the experience inside a really great one. We’ve taken thousands of emails, hundreds of requests, and even shelled out a few dollars on real, live usability data.

Over the last few months however, we’ve been thinking “outside the box” and exploring ways to expand past traditional IM. Today, you’ll finally see meebo spread beyond

What if you could take IM functionality and put it on any personal web page? (ooh!)

Do you have a MySpace profile? Wanna see who’s visting your page, at that very moment? (yes!)

Are you an up and coming blogger? Would you like to chat with your readers, in real time? (nod nod)

meebo’s really excited to announce the release of “meebo me”, an embeddable IM widget that you can put almost anywhere on the web! It’s a lightweight, simple widget that enables you (in to see the people who are visiting your web page and chat with them if you’d like. It’s pretty easy:

1. Create a widget at
2. Embed the widget on your personal page.
3. Log into, watch for visitors (they’ll show up on your buddylist), and chat! For you power users out there (with popular, chatty web sites), we recommend you use FireFox — it’s a bit faster.

It’s a bit experimental (we did some crazy things to get this to work) and probably a bit buggy (please be gentle =p) but we think it’s really cool. It’s the first endeavor meebo has done outside of — we’ve had to solve quite a few tricky technical challenges (my oh my) but it’s been a blast.

The team has worked really hard (a high energy bonanza of candy and Coca Cola) and we’re excited to push it live. Simon and I are on the edge our seats, watching for any signs of trouble with the servers and the rest of the team is anxious to hear feedback.

Users have always played a tremendous role in helping tighten the product and we trust that you’ll do the same with meebo me. Please do let us know what bugs you spot and which features you’d like added in the new meebo me section of our forum. With that, I leave you to try out the widget and let us know what you think!