Sunday, April 02, 2006

All the digg-style applications: The list !!!

Had moved the Ajax Startpages from the Social Bookmarks list, now I'm moving all the -style or -style apps.
There seems to be new ones everyday. Maybe it's because unlike social bookmarks which are 'utilities', digg-style apps are community driven, therefor can exist for any subject of discussion, like Listing or cataloging social bookmark services.
As they all have the same features: submit, rate(or digg) and comment, you shouldn't need any special explicative text as I did for the social bookmarks.

Here's the navigation menu again from the original list:

-style: submit, comment and rate or vote.

  • bookmark icon 180° news: digg-style for news with inpage expand/collapse details. Can we call it web2.0 style?

  • bookmark icon APBNews: digg-style for crime news.

  • allthingsdork icon All Things Dork: digg-style for 'dorked out news'

  • blogreporter icon : digg-style for blogs.

  • Blog Memes icon : digg-style with publishing and thumshots(with a thumbshot update button) exists also in French, Portugese and Spanish.

  • bibilog icon : digg-style for video, games and funny stuff

  • pligg icon BrainDigg / published news: digg-style for brain-related topics. (Pligg*)

  • pligg icon Business Planet: digg-style for business news. (Pligg*)

  • Digg icon CrispyNews: digg-style listings they call a 'community news site'.

  • curious-contraptions icon Curious Contraptions Community: A forum

  • daily911 icon digg-style for 9/11 2.0.

  • Digg icon : THE DIGG, news with categories.

  • bookmark icon DigStock: digg-style for Stock news.

  • fantacular icon Fantacular: Text-based digg-style for news.

  • fuddle-duddle icon fuddle-duddle: digg-style for Canadian political news.

  • bookmark icon Funzai: digg-style for entetainment.

  • gibbity icon gibbity: digg-style, rate and review games.

  • hitsmit icon Hitsmit: digg-style for health

  • inbreaking icon Inbreaking(BETA): digg-style for links with social bookmarking support. (Pligg*)

  • rrove icon for music.

  • leve1 icon : digg-style fors news with tagging and categories. (and a nice design!)

  • linkfilter icon digg-style with rating.

  • bookmark icon LinkSnarf: digg-style for links.

  • linux icon LinuxFilter: digg-style for Linux related.

  • medical-articles icon Medical Articles and News: digg-style for... Medical Articles and News. ( application)

  • bookmark icon : digg-style for funny and useful links.

  • memigo icon : Text-based digg-style for articles.

  • metafilter icon MetaFilter Projects: digg-style for self-linking projects.

  • millionsofgames icon :(Millions of games) digg-style for games with an 'e-mail this' and a 'play this' button.

  • MediaMatrix icon : digg-style for articles about motors, cars.

  • mp3-o-rama icon mp3-o-rama: digg-style for news and resources related to mp3.

  • muti icon muti: digg-style/reddit for content of interest to Southern Africans or those interested in Southern Africa.

  • newsbump icon and digg-style for News with categories.

  • newsvine icon : digg-style community for news with tags and the possibility to create your own columns(write).

  • bookmark icon nfiltrate: digg-style for promoting your band, clothing company, etc..

  • newsgarbage icon newsgarbage: digg-style for technology news.

  • nowpublic icon : digg-style for news.

  • bookmark icon oKs!: digg-style for anything.

  • rrove icon PlueBalls: digg-style for movies.

  • pligg icon open source content management system, social bookmarks and digg-style rating. (Pligg*)

  • reddit icon : digg-style for blogs with karma points also exists in many laguages see list below. Has an iframe toolbar.

  • riffs icon digg-style rating for links, music, videos, people, places, food... with photos.

  • rrove icon Rrove(BETA): Lets you bookmark places on Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, MapQuest or MSN Maps. (see David's comment)

  • bookmark icon digg-style special news where the most popular link submitter can get paid.

  • shoutwire icon : digg-style rating for news stories.

  • slackah icon : digg-style rating for slackers and productivity geeks.

  • socialporn icon : digg-style for adult content.

  • spinspy icon : digg-style for any link.

  • spogger icon : digg-style for 'digital news' with Categories(Channels), Voting, Themes, Karma points.

  • sportsflip icon Digg-style for sports.

  • spymy icon SpyMy: digg-style created for the South East Asia region.

  • staralicious icon staralicious: digg-style for celebrity news.

  • bookmark icon StockDigg. For Stock News.

  • bookmark icon : digg-style for links.

  • tendango icon Tendango: digg-style with community collections/listing and tagging.

  • Pligg icon ToxicCyberDust: digg-style for games. (Pligg*)

  • videobomb icon Video Bomb: digg-style for videos.

  • videosift icon : digg-style for The Best of Google Video and YouTube. ( application)

  • web-feeds icon digg-style rating for links and videos.

  • bookmark icon Wobblog: digg-style for blogs.

Lots of kicks series, where you can earn with your Google Adsenes ID:
  • mackicks icon dotnetkicks: digg-style for Microsoft development techniques, technologies and tools including ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, C++, Visual Studio, Team System, SQL Server and Microsoft Vista.
  • mackicks icon GoogleKicks: for Google related news.
  • mackicks icon Irish News.
  • mackicks icon digg-style for Java related.
  • mackicks icon mackicks: digg-style for Mac related.
  • mozillakicks icon digg-style for Mozilla news.
  • mackicks icon XboxKicks: digg-style for Xbox related.

* pligg icon is a free CMS with tags, automatic podcast creator, new templates, Smarty templating system, external vote buttons, new icons, custom link menu, administrator panel (limited), story administration, language customization and advanced user profiles with gravatars. See Pligg Beta 7 demo.

Other languages:
Online Digg Tools:
See also quickonlinetips icon Complete Digg Tools Collection at Quick Online Tips.
Digg is a website with an emphasis on technology and science news. It combines social bookmarking, blogging, and syndication with a form of non-hierarchical, democratic editorial control. News stories and websites are submitted by users, and then promoted to the front page through a user-based ranking system. This differs from the hierarchical editorial system that many other news sites employ (such as the popular tech site Slashdot).

Wikipedia: The Digg Effect

Have I missed any?
If you happen to see an error, see a missing service or that you're going to start a new social bookmarking service, please leave a comment. Thanks! :)

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