Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fluxiom Launches: Digital asset management

Fluxiom the digital asset management web application has been launched.

Fluxiom is created by Thomas Fuchs’ company, and you see the scriptaculous throughout.

It is a very rich web application that blends the world of the web nicely with its richness.

It feels a bit like a 37 Signals application, but in greys instead of whites, and richer where 37 goes for simplicity.

When signing up for the account you feel the europeaness not only via the euros, but by having the date selection as: YYYY MM.

Since the select box didn’t have a label (just blank) I wonder how many americans look confused (until they select and I think they can work out that 2006 is probably a year).

Ajax is everywhere. The assets page is a single application that lets you do a lot of image work from within that one frame. Tabbed structures, sliders, tags, it is all here.