Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wikipedia :D

Wikipedia was created by a pornographer who stole the idea from Encyclopedia Dramatica to create a wannabe-encyclopedia which caters to terminally boring entries on useless topics like higher mathematics, social psychology and international politics that really have no relevence to the internets and internet culture. All Wikipedia content could easily be found through Google and other mundane forms of reference material, with the exception of their A+ Lame Edit Wars, which contain a level of pathetic dedication to the insignificant only possible on the Internets.

Jameth attempted to enter the mediacrat drama as a Wikipedia entry. It was discussed and denied.

Every year wikipedia pretends that they are going to delete the Encyclopedia Dramatica article. Sometimes they do, mostly on the grounds of hosting the previously-deleted Mediacrat entry, but usually they wuss out of it.

Wikipedia has a policy of "ass-u-me good faith" amongst its contributers. This is a vital policy as, in fact, there is no good faith amongst any of the members of Wikipedia, so it is necessary to at least pretend that the other guy isn't out there to be an asshole. As of March 2005, the English version of Wikipedia reached a milestone: its ten millionth asshole created. These members are generally refered to as Wikiholes. Good Job, Wikipedia! Here's to ten million more.