Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yahoo Releases “Instant Search”

Using some of their own technology to power it, Yahoo has released their Instant Search tool, a "results as you type" search engine style tool.

Why feel lucky when you can be right? With Instant Search, results instantly appear for Yahoo! Shortcuts and common searches. Give it a spin!

It's still in Beta (and who isn't these days?), so there's only a limited amount of functionality to it. There are one of two interesting features that they bring to the table, however, from which Google might learn a thing or two. Try going to the page and searching for an address. A box pops up right there with a minimap for the location. You can click on it for a larger map or get driving directions. Type in "weather " and you get a mini weather information box with links to more information.

For those that use their search.yahoo.com page, you can set a preference to use this Instant Search page as your default search page. And, for more information on the Search or to talk it up with some other users, check out their forums.