Monday, April 24, 2006

Zimbio - Network of Public Portals

Zimbio goal is to help people learn from others on the web.
You can quickly get down the learning curve on any topic of interest by seeing what other people are reading, saying, and recommending about the topic. Public portals are interactive, dynamic websites that offer a range of features including group blogging, member photos, links to favorite websites, RSS headlines, tracking of search results, and discussion forums.

Create public portal by your self or choose from lots of portals that made by others. Frankly I'm telling you that I was amazed by the amount of portals that Zimbio already have.

Bunch of great features:

  • Group Blog - you can post a blog entry, rate and comment on other entries.
  • Member Photos - upload and rate favorite related pictures which are grouped into public photo albums.
  • Links&Feeds - suggest links, feeds, and search terms that you think others might find useful.
  • Notepad - useful tool for creating shared notes of any kind.
  • Forum - discuss and share opinions with people that have the same interest like you do.

and One of my favorite feature:

  • Search Trackers - allow members to scan headlines and search results based on submitted keywords. choices are: BlogTracker (results from Blogdigger search engines), NewsTracker (results from Yahoo news search engines), and ImageTracker (results from Flickr search engines).

Zimbio have activity log that's allowing you to see all the action of other members that use the same portal and you can reverts edits or deletes them, which is great.

The interface of Zimbio is quite Neat and I really had fun checking the site. Good usability , very simple to find and add new things and intersting tools that come with the service. All of that and much more, makes Zimbio a nice Portal Network.

Zimbio is the formerly Zoozio
zoozio - an early stage start-up based in redwood city, california.