Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Krunch - Online WinZip Sort of Tool

Krunch is a little tool intended to make your life easier.

You can easily:

  • Upload and compress files - Upload up to 10 files from your computer and compress them online.
  • Pick and compress files from the web - Upload a compressed archive and decompress it online.
  • Upload and un-compress a compressed archive - Fetch a compressed file directly from the web and decompress it online.
  • Un-compress a compressed file from the web - Gather files from the web and compress them online.

There’s a 10MB and 10 file limit on archives.

After you'll get the zipped file you want, you can send it by e.mail to your friends
as a download link or as attachment that will stay online only for 24 hours (that's really a short time).

Still I find this little tool very useful for those that don't have software that zipped files on their computers.

Start krunching, It's free.

Thank you Rogel .

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