Saturday, June 10, 2006

blogr - Your Space for Photos, Videos and for Your Blog

blogr is a web service that provides you space to store and share your photos, videos, audios and blog-entries in just a few clicks.

blogr still in alpha but testing this application, I can honestly say that it's working quite good!

After you'll registered you can start to manage your space. Upload your photos, videos and podcasts or post to your blog. You can easily send entries to your blog via Email. Just send an Email with the text of the new posting to the following address that you'll get. Any attached file will be additionally uploaded to your space.
I don't think blogr have a limit for uploading yet but I guess that will change when the amount of users will rise up.

I love the idea of having all the activities from one page and the navigation with blogr was really easy to use. Also the layout is nice and clean.

basically I enjoyed myself trying this service.

Sign up it's free and support multi languages.

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