Friday, June 02, 2006

SlideShowPro Director, Ajax powered photo administration for SlideShowPro

I noticed two days ago SlideShowPro and SlideShowPro Director an excellent photo gallery solution for Flash with its AJAX-based administration. The solution looks very simple, complete and very well documented, and in addition to its administration area are you can easily manage your albums, images and other media ... providing the necessary tools to publish your galleries online.


As a commercial application I find it very professional, also the price is very attractive to give it a try ($20 for the SlideShowPro and $20 for the SlideShowPro Director). I bought already a license of both and started testing on this server, so if everything will be okay it will be online by next week.

SlideShowPro Director is the easiest way to import, organize, edit and manage your images for SlideShowPro. Simply upload the images you want to display and Director generates all your thumbnails, organizes your images into albums, publishes XML, and provides a full suite of Ajax-powered inputs for complete customization of your content.