Alexa module

Alexa is a website tracking service, based on statistics sent by an Internet Explorer browser toolbar installed on a sampling of Internet users.

You've been a lot to ask for this module and here it is : you will be able to display some colorful Alexa graph trends for up to five sites. To configure the module, just edit it, enter the url of one or more sites you want to see then click on Ok. You can also set a custom title, adjust the size and the range of the line graph.

You can easily switch between three types of traffic information:

  • Daily traffic rank trend;
  • Daily page views (per millions);
  • Daily reach (per millions).

Learn more about traffic on Alexa.

Alexa module

For even more information about the pages, click on the chart to be taken to

Meebo module

Netvibes and meebo have been working tightly to bring you instant messaging. You will now be able to chat with people on most popular networks: AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.By adding the meebo module will automatically create a new tab so you have enough room for chatting with everybody.

Meebo module in a new tab

All you have to do then is fill the form with your accounts information. If you have a Meebo account, you will be able to log in multiple networks automatically

Meebo discussion

You are now ready to chat !

You can safely switch between tabs, your meebo will blink when someone is talking to you on IM

Blinking tab