Sunday, July 16, 2006

Zooomr Launch officialy messed up!

Version 2 of ZOOOMR the beta should be launched Friday 17.07.2006, at 5 pm PST. Today is Sunday 15.07.2006 and the service isnt yet launched. I`m shure Zooomr will loose its value.

"Rumors are circulating that controversial photo sharing site Zooomr, the creation of 18 year old Kristopher Tate, is in acquisition discussions with at least three possible acquirors, with discussions taking place in the $5 million range."

On Zoomr blog i`ve saw that "Official Zooomr Launch Slightly Delayed"
"Well I suppose it serves us right for running a countdown timer to our launch at 5pm today, but Zooomr has been under a massive denial of service (DOS) attack all day and it has forced us to delay our launch by a few hours or so. We think we will have it up and running at 7pm Pacific Daylight Time assuming we can clear up this vicious attack."

And my favourite:

"St. tonight talking about Zooomr. Come on down and enjoy a beer with us. We will be back and a lot stronger when we can and in the end as a wise man once said, “that which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”"