Sunday, August 06, 2006

Update on CrunchBoard

Om Malik has an insightful post about CrunchBoard called “Niche Job Boards Rising” today where he talks about how niche job sites can be successful, and cites stats on demand in the job market - there are 121 job listings per 1000 people in San Jose, and 74 job listings per 1000 in San Francisco, for example.

CrunchBoard has been live for about a day and a half, and so far traffic and postings are very strong. About 60,000 people have visited the site and 43 jobs have been posted.

We’ve also run into some bugs, almost entirely around taking paypal payments (I also have a hilarious email string with paypal customer service that I might post). People are occasionally getting error messages when they complete a payment, although from our end the payment is received and the job posts normally.

After we have a week under our belt I’ll do a full report on the status of the site. And as soon as it is 100% stable we’ll reveal some additional plans we have for the product.

Om Malik