Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Springdoo Improving their Service for the Better!

I wrote about Springdoo before. I have to say that I'm impressed with the new updates from that service and I would like to take back some of the things I've said about Springdoo.

Springdoo is a free video & audio email service that lets you send voice messages to your friends in an easy and cool way.

So what's new from Springdoo:

  • You can create high quality video within your message
  • You can now email directly from Springdoo
  • Friends can instantly reply to you with or without being a Springdoo member
  • The service is easier, better and FASTER

I have to say something about the service speed:
When I first write about Springdoo I was unhappy with the performances of my computer. It's seems like Springdoo toke lots of my computer power and it was crashing every time that I was trying to send messages. BUT now it's a different! The service is lightsome and fast - perfect.

Moreover, you can also Auto-load or "Import" contacts from your existing email program.

A little problem that I think the team of Springdoo should fix is the: Remove Auto Login-it's not working well. I was trying to log out and it's always bringing me back to my user name.

I always liked the layout of this site, so cool! Great design and good usability make sending audio and video emails even faster, fun and easy to use.
And I love that Springdoo listen to their users and improve the service.
Good for them!

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